In Lexmark International, Inc. v. Static Control Components, Inc., the Court determined that standing to bring false advertising claims under the federal Lanham Act is not limited to commercial competitors. Any commercial entity suffering lost sales or damage to reputation has standing to sue, as long as those injuries are “proximately caused” by the defendant’s advertising.

This is really good news. For 20+ years, Lexmark has been bullying cartridge remanufacturers, first suing them for reusing empty cartridges and then telling them that using certain parts in their remanufactured cartridges is “illegal.” This ruling appears (and I’m not an attorney, but I know a really good one) to ensure that I as a remanufactured cartridge reseller have standing to sue an OEM when their false statements cause a consumer to not purchase from me.

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From Not Always Right

(We are the IT support for the British Army. Units not in our immediate area have to bring the equipment into our workshops for us to look at it. One day, we get a laptop printer brought in from a town quite a distance away. My workshop manager decides to look at it himself as it’s a slow day. The printer is picking paper up but not actually printing anything on it.)

Manager: “Easiest job I think we’ve ever had. Would you contact the unit to send someone to pick it up?”

Me: “What was the problem with it?”

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Microsoft No Longer Supports Windows XP

April 8, 2014
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After several aborted attempts in past years to end support for Windows XP, Microsoft has finally pulled the plug and will stop issuing security updates for its nearly 13-year-old operating system. But, as the BBC notes, problems are likely to abound: Despite advanced notice of the decision, the 13-year-old XP is still used on almost […]

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World Backup Day 2014

March 31, 2014
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Although every day is a good day to backup your computer and other devices, today is the official World Backup Day. In case you’re wondering, we like CrashPlan for automating off-site backups.

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Xerox scanners found to sometimes alter documents

August 6, 2013
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Martin Williams for PCWorld: Xerox scanners have been found to randomly alter numbers on documents when reproducing them if a certain combination of image quality and compression setting is used. Nothing nefarious in this, but something to watch out for. Update 8/8/2013: Xerox will be making available a firmware upgrade to disable the highest compression […]

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Setting The Wrong Tone

June 25, 2013

From Not Always Right: Me: “Thanks for calling [copier company], can I help you?” Caller: “Yes, I’d like to order some toner for my copier.” Me: “Okay, is this for a black and white machine or a color machine?” Caller: “Well, the machine is kind of cream-colored…” Face-palm.

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Color LaserJet Pro 200 Now Available

June 24, 2013
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OfficeMedic now carries cartridges for the HP Color LaserJet Pro 200: $69.95 for black (2,400 pages), $64.95 for color (1,800 pages).

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Phone Problems, Fixed.

June 19, 2013
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Nearly a year ago, I switched our phone service from 8×8 to Line2. (Saving money and providing iPhone integration). Yesterday I learned that one of our vendors had been unable to reach us for several months and, in investigating the problem, that they were 8×8 customers. I checked with someone else who is an 8×8 […]

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Never A Dual Moment

February 27, 2013

From Not Always Working: Coworker: "Hey you finished really quick! This is taking me forever!" (I look over at her computer. I notice she is maximizing and minimizing a window to go back and forth between two programs.) Me: "Um… you realize you have two monitors, right?" Coworker: "…Well, don’t I feel stupid." I get […]

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How to Protect Your Mac From Theft in Public Places

February 20, 2013
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Ben Boychuk, writing for Macworld: I later learned that in the course of just three days, thieves had picked off unsuspecting Apple users in at least 24 Starbucks locations around the region known as the Inland Empire. This caught my eye because of where it happened. Great tips for users of Macs and other computers.

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